Air India Addresses Unruly Passenger Smoking On Flight, Restates Zero Tolerance Policy | Aviation News


On Sunday, a passenger on an Air India flight between London and Mumbai is said to have smoked in the restroom and then misbehaved with other passengers. The Sahar Police Station in Mumbai has charged the 37-year-old with making a disturbance on March 11 during a flight. The accused, according to the police, is an American citizen with Indian origin and a US passport.

“A passenger on our flight AI130, operating London-Mumbai on 10th March 2023, was found smoking in the lavatory. Subsequently he behaved in an unruly and aggressive manner, despite repeated warnings,” an Air India spokesperson said Monday. 

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The spokesperson added the person was handed over to the security personnel upon the flight`s arrival in Mumbai and the regulator was informed of the incident. “We are extending all cooperation in the ongoing investigations,” he said. “Air India follows a zero tolerance policy for any behaviour that compromises the safety and security of passengers and staff,” the spokesperson added. 

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