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New Delhi: Right-wing podcaster Tim Pool recently questioned former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon about his opinion of Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan’s suggestion that Elon Musk purchases Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which recently failed and became the second-largest bank failure in US history. SVB was recently the subject of the podcast. In his reply, Musk stated that he was “open to the notion”.
Bannon, however, mocked the notion and launched into a diatribe against Musk, stating that the CCP owns him and that since acquiring control of the site, Musk has refused to reinstate the Twitter accounts of individuals who are critical of the Chinese government, including his own. (Also Read: Inflation Expected To Come Down Over The Year: RBI MPC Member Ashima Goyal)

Furthermore, according to Bannon, Tesla is Musk’s “sole thing of actual value” and the CCP has “100 percent control” over the company’s proposed Gigafactory 3 facility in Shanghai. Musk and Bannon seem to loathe one another despite having similar political philosophies. (Also Read: ‘Ab Number Aayega Inka’: Ashneer Grover On Silicon Valley Bank Collapse)
“Owned” by Musk “according to Bannon, the CCP. “The Chinese Communist Party owns him. What are you referring to? Tesla is the only thing that truly matters. He makes margin loans out of it. He offloads the shares, “Bannon remarked.
The CCP has complete authority over the Shanghai joint venture. This is the reason he never pursues the CCP. He always backs off because of this. During this time, there was a protest against the Covid lockdowns. He won’t carry it out.
Moreover, Pool claimed that Musk had received pressure from the Chinese government to stop supporting the “lab leak” coronavirus origin idea. Bannon responded by pointing out that Musk had not deleted his first tweets and had not added any new ones after the purported Chinese pressure.

Additionally present for the podcast episode was Congressman Matt Gaetz, who displayed disbelief at Bannon’s charges against Musk. Afterward, he cut the part where Bannon attacked Musk and tweeted it, tagging the Tesla CEO and asking him for his reaction.
Musk responded by saying, “I used to think Bannon was brilliant & evil, but now I see I was incorrect about the first part.” This was his way of expressing his distaste for Bannon.


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