Rapper Badshah Reveals Why He Doesn’t Drive His Rs 6 Crore Rolls Royce Wraith Luxury Car: Watch Video | Auto News


Expensive-flashy cars and sneakers are talk of the town for the rapper Badshah. But since we are more inclined towards the former. The rapper Badshah’s garage has a Rolls Royce Wraith, which is famous for not making any such public appearance. The 2-door convertible is the only one of its kind coming from the Rolls Royce stable. Also, the 4-door saloons of the brand – Ghost and Phantom, are generally the preferred choices of buyers. Now coming down to the rapper’s Wraith, he was asked why the car is kept away from the use, and the answer he gave is seemingly hilarious and relatable.

The singer explains that his father is concerned about the car. He is scared if it would get scratched, even if the driver drives it or cleans it. In the clip shared above, it can be seen that Badshah shares that his father doesn’t stay away from the house for long, because of his concerning attitude towards the car. Also, he adds that his dad keeps saying that Bashah has bought a house and parked it in his house’s driveway. Well, ends by saying that his father is the reason why we don’t get to see his Rolls Royce Wraith on roads.

The singer-rapper bought this car in the year 2019 in a shade of white. Priced at around Rs 6.4 crore, ex-showroom, the Wraith is currently not on sale in the Indian market. However, via the pre-owned market, one can get one home. Also, referred to as the sportiest Roller ever, it uses a 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 engine that delivers 625 PS against 800 Nm of max torque. Therefore, the 0-100 kmph sprint takes only 4.6 seconds, while the luxurious nature of the Rolls Royce is still intact.

Badshah’s garage also includes a host of other cars, namely Audi Q8, BMW 640d, and a Jaguar. The rapper has recently bought a Lamborghini Urus too, in a shade of Rosso Anteros, which is quintessentially the Lamborghini Red. After getting obsessed by it, he bought another one in the Neo Noctis Shade – Lamborghini Black.


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