Samosa Being Used As Agarbatti Stand? People React To Bizarre Twitter Post


Samosa is one of the most loved snacks in India. The deep-fried dish traditionally filled with savoury stuffing of mashed potatoes, green peas, and spices is timeless. Needless to say, any information or news related to this beloved snack is bound to grab the attention of foodies. Do you agree? Well, if you love samosa then you must check out this rather unusual post about samosa that is being shared on social media. A Twitter user shared an image from a food joint featuring a samosa. So, what is unusual about this? The picture also shows agarbattis (incense stick) tucked into a samosa kept at a distance, on a table. The picture also has some jalebis also arranged on a platter. The text on the post reads, “Saw a samosa being used as a stand for agarbatti.” Quite unusual, isn’t it?  

Take a look at the post here:

Needless to say, the picture went viral on social media. The post has received 183.4K views and more than 4K likes up till now (March 12, 5:45 pm IST). Additionally, samosa lovers have flooded the comment section with various reactions. Supporting the act, a user wrote, “Yeah, they usually do that with the first one they cook for the day. As an offering to the Gods.”

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Sharing her experience on similar lines, another one wrote, “No, they are not using it as a stand. Most Indian shopkeepers do this with the first food items prepared in the morning in their shop. I have also seen incense sticks being put in bhatura.

A samosa lover joked: “As an aficionado of samosa, it’s heart-wrenching to see this condition. Could’ve used one of those jalebis.”

“Usually in pooja, half potato is used as a stand so they might have used the inner boiled potatoes to make it more attractive,” another comment read.

A user added, “As my mom says  ‘if there is a need, anything can be an agarbatti stand’.”

Some people also shared captions and hashtags such as “Justice for samosa” and “RIP samosa”

Another user explained: “Man people don’t get this…is hurting me… Every shopkeeper gives the first one as an offering to GOD before selling.”

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Least bothered about the samosa, another user stated, “I love those black wala jalebi. Not bothered about that samosa.”

“Modern problems require modern solutions,” wrote a user.

A user mentioned, “It’s infusing samosa with agarbatti scent.”

Tell us what you think of this innovative use of samosa.

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