Spotify’s biggest update in over a decade includes “entirely new” home feed, CEO says


Spotify releasing biggest update since launch

Exclusive: Spotify releasing biggest update to its platform since its mobile launch


A brand new version of Spotify is being unveiled to millions of subscribers on Wednesday, marking the largest change to the platform since it became available on phones more than a decade ago.

In an exclusive interview airing Thursday on “CBS Mornings,” Spotify’s CEO and founder, Daniel Ek, said the updates include an “entirely new” home feed that is “completely redesigned from the ground up.”

“You’ll see Spotify, I think, come alive. You’re gonna see a lot more interactive content,” he said.  

The popular digital music streaming service allows users to access a vast library of songs and podcasts.  

Ek said with the change, users will be able to see recommended content in the form of clips, and other visual components.

More of CBS News’ Gayle King’s interview with Ek will air on “CBS Mornings” on Thursday, March 9. During the interview, Ek will address the ongoing controversies related to podcaster Joe Rogan and the allegations that Spotify fails to fairly pay its artists.  


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