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New Delhi: A restaurant in America apparently gave complimentary food to overweight diners, which led to a significant reaction on social media. After videos on TikTok and other social media channels showed potential customers lining up outside the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas to see if they were qualified for the deal or not, the debate broke out.

The Heart Attack Grill has built up quite a following over the years because of their theme-based service. The restaurant mostly serves fast food with a focus on foods that are incredibly rich in fat and calories.

Some of their products are available in “Single,” “Double,” “Triple,” “Quadruple,” “Quintuple,” “Sextuple,” “Septuple,” and even “Octuple Bypass” orders.

Most restaurants refer to their clients and patrons as diners. Yet, due to their distinctive hospital concept, Heart Attack Grills refers to their patrons as “patients”. Their waiters dress up as physicians, while their waitresses play nurses. Before ordering, each patient dons a hospital gown and wristband.

When videos of customers queuing up outside the restaurant started to circulate online, Twitter users criticised the owners for encouraging unhealthy behaviour by giving free fast food to obese people. Several claimed that by giving away big amounts of food, they are blatantly pushing people to get sick.

One person posted, “I consumed way too many made-to-order Haagen Daz ice cream bars while I was residing in Vegas. You probably don’t go to the heart attack grill to watch everyone who is overweight stuff themselves and gain weight. Over 350 pounds, you get free food? Wow, why? Pretty repulsive.”

Since it was established in 2005, the theme-based restaurant has used controversy as a marketing ploy.


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