5 Indian Favourites Featured On List Of ‘100 Most Iconic Ice Creams Of The World’

I scream. You scream. We all scream… ice cream! Don’t we all have a soft spot for a scoop of our favourite frozen delight? Whether it’s the classic vanilla softie or a hot chocolate sundae, digging into its sweet creamy goodness brings back childhood memories of summer. There are innumerable flavours and variations of ice creams around the world and they all take our taste buds on an unforgettably joyous ride. Recently, TasteAtlas, a popular food and travel guide released a list of the “100 most iconic ice creams of the world.” Alongside the ice cream flavours, TasteAtlas also mentioned the name of the gelaterias/ shops selling these sweet delights. 
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We were proud to discover that five Indian dessert outlets were featured on the list, particularly from the cities of Bengaluru, Mumbai and Mangaluru.

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Take a look at the top 5 iconic ice creams of India, according to the guide:

  • Death By Chocolate (Bengaluru)

This is the beloved flavour offered by Corner House, Bengaluru, which was founded in 1982. According to TasteAtlas, death by chocolate is a lot more than just an ice cream. It is an “indulgent sundae layered with cake, ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, and topped with a cherry.” 

  • Mango Ice Cream Sandwich (Mumbai)

Renowned ice cream shop K. Rustom & Co, popular for its delectable ice cream sandwiches, has been serving Mumbaikars since 1953. While they provide a variety of flavourful ice creams sandwiched between thin wafers, the mango ice cream stands out. 

Guava in ice cream? Even though it’s hard to imagine this particular fruit as an ice cream flavour, Apsara Ice Creams – based in Mumbai – took the risk and the guava ice cream turned out to be their signature treat. Their guava ice cream, reportedly, consists of small chunks of guava fruit and a hint of spice representing the traditional way of eating this fruit in India.

The third and the last entry from Mumbai was Naturals’ Tender Coconut ice cream. Famous for using only fresh fruits and natural ingredients in their ice creams, Naturals has emerged as one of the popular ice cream chains in India. Their most iconic flavour uses fresh coconut in a creamy ice cream base, giving a refreshing taste of the coastal city, according to TasteAtlas. 

  • Mangaluru’s Gadbad Ice Cream

Last but definitely not least, we have Pabba’s widely popular gadbad ice cream. Known for their mouth-watering and visually appealing creations, Pabba’s gadbad ice cream is a unique blend of various ice cream flavours, fruits, nuts, and syrups. 

Have you tried any of these before? Let us know in the comments below.
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