‘AAL IZZ NOT WELL’ On Reels! Delhi Police’s Creative Approach To Road Safety

Delhi Police outshines everyone else when it comes to taking an unconventional approach to warn people against violating rules and regulations or spreading awareness on any social issue. Over the past few years, the department has been making headlines for using different viral videos and reels as an opportunity to encourage responsible behaviour among citizens. Now, the official Twitter handle of Delhi Police has once again issued a warning to those who post reels while performing stunts on motorcycles. The caption of the video was humorous, but it earnestly urged people to avoid indulging in such activities just to gain attention and views on social media.

Delhi Police issues warning against traffic rules violation

The video posted by Delhi Police shows a man riding a bike with two women pillion riders. The three of them attempted to recreate an iconic scene from the song, Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe, from the film 3 Idiots starring Aamir Khan. “AAL IZZ NOT WELL if you drive or ride dangerously for the sake of reels!” read the caption of the video.

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However, the video was used by the Delhi Police to highlight that none of the three wore helmets in the video and that it could lead to the issue of challan to the rider. It ended with a text that reads, “Don’t be an idiot on the roads, Drive responsibly.”

Internet appreciates Delhi Police’s effort

Ever since the video was shared on Twitter, the Internet has been showering praises for the continuous efforts of the department to raise awareness and make people understand the important of traffic rules and regulations.

A user said, “Great, my appreciations to the composer’s serious effort !”

“Why do you get to know of such offences only through reels. You can witness many such cases everyday, if the focus is set on the road not reels. And let’s not even talk about the wrong side. Try to be outside the Supreme Court complex? Wrong side driving is a new normal there,” wrote another user.

One of the users said, “Very nice video.”

Delhi Traffic Police’s observation

On Monday, the Delhi Traffic Police said, “Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet was the most common traffic violation in the national capital and that more than 5,200 people had been challaned for the offence in just a five-day period starting July 20.”

The statement by the traffic police came after a special drive initiated on July 20, called “stretch intensive integrated drive (SIID).”

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