Chennai Restaurant Serves Giant ‘Baahubali’ Thali At Rs 1,399, Twitter Is Divided


The concept of thali is popular not just in one city, but all over the country. A variety of dals, sabzi, rice, breads and yogurt preparations are added to a huge platter to make a wholesome and fulfilling meal. These thalis come with unlimited refills and are usually tough to finish in one sitting. Adding some more difficulty to this challenge is a restaurant in Chennai which is serving a giant ‘Baahubali’ thali. The concept was posted on Twitter and it has divided up the internet. Take a look:

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The video of the giant ‘Baahubali’ thali was shared on Twitter by user Ananth_IRAS. It has received over 41.7k views and hundreds of likes since it was posted. “At Ponnuswamy Hotel Chennai. This ‘Baahubali’ thali costs Rs 1399/- + GST. Any family game for it,” read the tweet. In the clip, we could see the humongous thali being served to customers by two restaurant staff members. With an array of yummy treats in the thali, it looked like quite a huge feast.
The ‘Baahubali’ thali from Chennai received mixed responses on Twitter. Some people felt that it was quite a good bargain at a low price for a giant meal. “It’s such a great value for money,” said one user. Meanwhile, others felt it was too much food and would be impossible to finish this thali. “What’s the point of this? People will leave half of what’s in the plate,” said another user. Several others also raised questions about food wastage in times of food inflation.

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