Richa Chadha Discovers A Popular Kolkata Snack; Some Recipe Inside


Yellow taxis, tram, a range of fish dishes, and a plate of lip-smacking ghugni. These are the things that first come to our mind when we think of Kolkata. The city’s rich heritage and flavours have earned it the title of the City of Joy. Kolkata can bring you joy in many ways including its delicious food. Many of us are familiar with Bengalis’ love for rice, fish, and rasgulla. But, the options aren’t limited to this. There is a lot to please your taste buds within Kolkata and it seems actress Richa Chadha has recently discovered one.

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In her Instagram Stories, she shared a picture of a snack, which enjoys massive popularity in Kolkata. We could see Richa holding a packet of Mukharochak chanachur and it appears that she already got hooked on it. “Any kind souls travelling from Kolkata? I have just discovered it via a gift,” she wrote.

Chanachur is a popular namkeen which is usually enjoyed with a cup of tea and works great to satiate your cravings.

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If you want to introduce yourself to more delectable snacks from Kolkata then here are five recipes for you.

Here’re 5 Popular Snacks From Kolkata:

1. Shinghara

It is likely that you may confuse a shinghara with samosa. Shinghara too is a fried tea-time snack and is served hot with some tamarind or mint chutney. It is easy to make and worth gorging on. Click here for the recipe.

2. Jhalmuri

This snack is light but filled to the brim with flavours. It has green chillies, chopped onions, and mustard oil, which give a tangy taste to the snack. Munch on it any time and you wouldn’t be able to stop. Recipe inside.

3. Tele bhaja

Looking for something to complement your tea? Then go for this tele bhaja. Made with meat, vegetables, and eggs, tele bhaja is similar to a pakoda. It is widely available on the streets of Kolkata and is quite easy to make. Recipe here.

4. Phuchka

Phuchka is another snack from Kolkata, which will make you ask for more. It offers a blend of flavours and is quite light to eat. Make this for a family gathering and guests will surely be left drooling. Click here for the recipe.

5. Ghugni

Ghugni is a mild snack consisting of chickpeas, tomato, onions, and a host of spices. Mostly available at street food joints, you can also easily make some ghugni at home. Recipe inside.

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