Success Story Of Bhavesh Bhatia: How A Poor Blind Candle Seller Created A Rs 350 Crore Business Empire


Bhavesh Bhatia’s success story is nothing short of inspiring and serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and innovation. Born in a small town, Bhavesh always harboured a deep interest in technology and entrepreneurship from a young age. With a strong belief in his abilities, he set out on a journey that would eventually lead him to remarkable achievements.

Bhavesh Bhatia’s inspiring journey began with a sighted childhood, but at the age of 23, he faced a life-changing challenge when he lost his vision due to an internal eye-related issue. Despite this setback, he was determined to support his mother’s cancer treatment and worked as a hotel manager. Sadly, he endured bullying during his school days, being taunted with hurtful nicknames like ‘Blind Boy.’

In 1999, Bhavesh took a transformative step by enrolling in training at the National Association for the Blind in Mumbai. There, he learned the art of making plain candles. Every night, he diligently crafted candles, which he sold from a cart at a local market in Mahabaleshwar. Renting the cart for Rs 50 per day, he carefully saved Rs 25 daily to purchase raw supplies for the next day’s production.

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Despite his passion and drive, Bhavesh faced numerous challenges, especially when seeking loans due to his visual impairment. However, his fortunes changed when he secured a Rs 15,000 loan from Satara Bank, which specifically supported blind individuals. With this financial boost, he purchased fifteen kilos of wax, two dyes, and a hand cart for just fifty rupees. This marked the beginning of Sunrise Candles an incredible journey that propelled him to establish a highly successful multi-crore business.

From the days of scrimping to buy raw materials, Bhavesh’s company, Sunrise Candles, has now reached awe-inspiring heights. They utilize a staggering twenty-five tonnes of wax daily to produce an impressive range of 9000 designs, including plain, scented, and aromatherapy candles. 

Today, Bhavesh’s company boasts over one thousand employees, many of whom are visually impaired. His impact on the lives of others is truly remarkable, as approximately 10,000+ visually impaired and divyang individuals have received training in employment and self-employment through his initiatives.

With an annual turnover of over Rs 350 crores, Bhavesh Bhatia’s determination and dedication have not only transformed his life but also positively impacted the lives of countless others in the visually impaired community. His story stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, proving that perseverance and resilience can overcome even the most significant challenges life throws our way.


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