Tata Punch iCNG Launching In India Soon: Top 5 Things To Know About It


Tata Motors showcased the Punch iCNG at the Auto Expo, early this year. It was revealed alongside the Altroz iCNG, which was launched recently in the Indian market. Now, the company is preparing to launch the Punch iCNG. As per recent reports, series production of the Punch iCNG has already started, and the launch could take place anytime before the festive season. The Punch is already a hot-seller for the brand and with the factory-fitted CNG kit, Tata Motors is trying to catch hold of another sub-segment in the market. Well, here are the top 5 things about the upcoming Tata Punch iCNG that you should know.

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Tata Punch iCNG – Dual-Cylinder Technology

Unlike other CNG cars, the Punch iCNG will use a dual-cylinder technology. Resultanly, the car will retain a large part of its boot space, even with CNG cylinders in place. Tata Motors will be using two 30L cylinders, as opposed to a large 60L cylinder. Thereby, fitting the tanks in the spare-wheel cavity itself.

Tata Punch iCNG – Electric Sunroof

The Punch currently misses out on the option of an electric sunroof, which it will be getting with the introduction of new CNG variants. Also, this will be a voice-controlled sunroof, like the Altroz.

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Tata Punch iCNG – Mileage

Tata Punch iCNG will be retailed with the same 1.2L power plant as the Altroz iCNG, which puts out 73 Bhp and 103 Nm of max output in CNG mode. The Altroz iCNG has a claimed mileage of 19.33 km/kg, and it is expected to be replicated on the Punch iCNG as well.

Tata Punch iCNG – New Instrument Cluster

Another change on the interior of the Punch iCNG will be a new all-digital instrument cluster. However, this one will be a relatively lower-spec version, in comparison to the one that is offered on the top-spec variants of the Punch.

Tata Punch iCNG – Price

Tata Punch is priced from Rs 6 lakh onwards, and it goes up to Rs 9.52 lakh. The CNG-equipped variants are expected to be priced with a premium of close to Rs 1 lakh. Since, a similar trend was observed in the pricing of Altroz’s CNG variants.


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