Watch: Delhi Traffic Cop Takes Rs 5,000 From Korean Without Issuing Receipt; Suspended

A Korean vlogger, has shared a video of his recent trip to Delhi, on his YouTube channel called Fitvely. In the video, a traffic cop can be seen taking cash from the Korean guy for allegedly violating a traffic norm in the New Delhi area. Later, a Twitter user Priya shared the video link and photographs on her account stating that the traffic police officer named “Mahesh Chand” didn’t even give receipt to this foreigner and fined Rs 5000. The Delhi Police took cognizance of the complaint and suspended the cop pending an enquiry. 

The Twitter post reads, “At 21:40 the traffic police officer named “Mahesh Chand” a corrupted one didn’t even give receipt to this foreigner and took Rs 5000 as fine.Please take some action against all of them.” Replying to her post, Delhi Traffic Police replied, “Sir, it is a serious matter if found true. Your complaint has been forwarded to the concerned officers for enquiry and action please. You are requested to give/DM your e-mail ID or contact No. as more information may be required by the enquiry officer during enquiry.”

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Another post by Delhi Traffic Police mentioned, “Taking cognizance on the social media post, the concerned officer seen in the video has been placed under suspension pending inquiry. Delhi Police has zero tolerance policy towards corruption.” The video was uploaded July 20, 2023, and the Twitter post is from the same day.

It’s not yet clear what happened, but as seen in the video, somewhere in the New Delhi region, the Korean Vlogger was asked to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 for crossing the Yellow line at a traffic light. The Korean man obliges to the cop, and offers to pay Rs 500.

However, the cop explains that the fine is Rs 5,000 and not Rs 500. The man tries to take out as much cash as he can, but says he doesn’t have enough cash to give to the cop. The cop takes some amount and hands back some money to the Korean guy, as they shake hands and the cop thanks him. 

The Korean driver leaves the scene saying he doesn’t want to argue with cops in India and he was short of money as asked by the Police. So he paid 50,000 Won to the cop, which is Rs 3200, as against 78,000 Won initially asked, which is Rs 5,000. 

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