What SAG actors on strike are saying on picket lines: An updated list


The “Cobra Kai” has been picketing in style — donning pieces an electric blue jumpsuit at one rally and pants that resemble aluminum foil at another. But her point is blunt as can be:

“We’re in a time where inequality is so wide that we have one person making hundreds of millions of dollars, and the people that are the workers in our industry are struggling to make ends meet and particularly actors, and writers, are struggling to meet the minimum to receive health care, which I believe is a human right,” Hannah-Kim told The Wrap while picketing with her husband, Sebastian Roché in the strike’s first week.

“When your profit and your ability to pay one person at the top hundreds of millions of dollars is not being shared equally to the workers below that creating those profits, that is a just a basic line of inequality that we need to address as a society.”


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