When In Delhi, Guess What’s Malaika Arora’s Go-To Meal? Hint: Not Chole Bhature

Malaika Arora follows a lovely food tradition – whenever she steps outside Mumbai, she makes sure to savour the local delicacies of every region she visits. Delhi, being her latest destination, had its culinary delights waiting for her. Now, you might expect her to indulge in the famous Chole Bhature. But this time, Malaika surprised everyone with a different choice. The diva’s latest Instagram Stories provided us with a glimpse of her delightful meal. Three bowls graced her food tray – one held some yummy rajma, another had fluffy white rice, and the last one contained delicious aloo gobi. It seems like Malaika has found her go-to food combination when she’s in Delhi. In a note attached to the photo, she wrote, “My staple in Delhi… rajma chawal n aloo gobi.” 
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Take a look at Malaika Arora’s Instagram Stories below:


Photo Credit: Instagram/ @malaikaaroraofficial

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Despite being one of Bollywood’s fittest stars, Malaika Arora has often proved that she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to indulging in foodie delights. A few weeks ago, Malaika welcomed the Mumbai rains with a lovely snack. And what was it? Humble yet utterly satisfying bread pakoras, accompanied by a bowl of ketchup! In her Instagram Stories, she declared, “Bread pakora n ketchup … perfect for this weather.” Find out more here.

Last month, when Malaika Arora sauntered into Chandigarh, she made us envious with her indulgence in a drool-worthy Punjabi feast in the city. Her Instagram Stories featured a plate brimming with a delightful combination of rajma, steamed rice, and jeera rice. There was also a bowl filled with what appeared to be a non-vegetarian curry. And as if that wasn’t enough to make our mouths water, a refreshing salad of lemons and sliced onions, sprinkled with chat masala, completed the perfect meal. Read the full story here.
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We can’t wait to see and share Malaika Arora’s next gastronomic adventure.

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