Heartwarming Birthday Surprise For One-Year-Old By IndiGo Airlines Wins The Internet


Birthdays are always special and most of us have the luxury of friends and family members taking time out to make the day memorable. But what if we told you that an entire flight of people banded together to celebrate a birthday, quite literally? Yes, a baby girl’s first birthday was celebrated inside a flight, in a heartwarming gesture by IndiGo Airlines. The tiny tot was flying the same day as she turned one, and the airlines decided to make her day extra special by not only announcing her birthday but also celebrating the day in a special way by cutting a cake for little Beulah Lal. The father of the little one shared the sweet celebration with the rest of the world via Instagram reels. In the first video shared by the father Joel Lal J, we can hear the Captain making a special announcement saying, “May I have your attention please, Ladies and Gentleman. I am your Captain; my name is Augustine. That is not important, what is important is we have a baby today whose first birthday [it is].” 
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The Captain then adds, “Aaj ek saal ki ho gayi hai Beulah Lal, so cake bhi katega and sab mein batega. Aapki aage ki yatra mangalmey ho aur bache ko ashirwaad de (Today  Beulah Lal turns a year older, so a cake will be cut and distributed to all. May your journey ahead be blessed and please bless the baby).” In caption of the video, Beulah Lal’s father thanked IndiGo Airlines for their unique efforts. Take a look at the reel below:  

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This heartwarming incident has won a lot of hearts on the internet. The reel has received 1 million views so far. 

Responding to the post, one user said, “That’s awesome. Great you caught all that on video.”
“That’s a wonderful gesture. Happy birthday baby,” said another.

Following that, the doting father shared another video capturing the cake-cutting celebration at Kochi Airport. In the presence of the baby’s delighted parents and the IndiGo Airlines staff, a chocolate cake was joyously cut. The little one looked absolutely adorable, dressed in a fluffy princess gown that added to the charm of the moment. “Celebration continues. Cake cutting inside the airport. Thanks, team Indigo for the memorable and wonderful for my baby”, read the caption of this video.

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