Viral Now: ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Video Showing Making Of Cakes Angers Internet


When it comes to food, ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos can be a blessing or a curse. Learning the details of how certain dishes are made can help us appreciate them better. But in some cases, we might just end up losing our taste for them. Last month, an Instagram reel showing the making of chocolate ice cream left a bitter taste in our mouths (Read story here). Before that, videos relating to murmura and salted peanuts went viral for similar reasons. People were shocked to see what actually goes into the making of some of these products. And the latest addition to this series is a Twitter video on creamy cakes.
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The video was shared by Twitter user @chiragbarjatyaa. In it, we first see a man cracking multiple eggs and collecting them together. He then transfers all of them to a huge container, which has a whisk fitted on top. He then pours what seems to be oil or water, followed by flour for the making of the cakes. The ingredients are whisked for some time and the cake batter is later divided among many newspaper-lined trays. These are placed in a wall oven for baking. Once done, they are demoulded and sandwiched together with the help of icing. In the video, we also see the man using a heart-shaped stencil to cut the cake. More frosting is added to all sides of the cake. A yellow syrup is poured over it as a glaze. The man then decorates the cake with edible flowers and even makes bird-like shapes with the buttercream. Watch the full video below:

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The Tweet has received 764.7K views so far. Some people were unsurprised by the practices shown in the video. Others expressed concern about hygiene and related problems. Read some of the reactions below:

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